Misdemeanor Charges

misdemeanor-chargesWhat Is a Misdemeanor?
Misdemeanors are a category of criminal charges. They are generally less serious than felony charges, but more serious than citations or infractions. Misdemeanors typically involve minor damage to property or minor injury to another person. Each state may have different definitions of the term “misdemeanor” in their criminal law statutes. In some cases, felony charges can be reduced to misdemeanor charges.

What are Some Types of Misdemeanor Charges?
Misdemeanors are usually categorized into broad categories. These may include:

Crimes against the Person:
These include charges like assault and battery or harassment. More serious injuries or injuries caused by the use of a weapon will usually result in felony charges.

Crimes against Property:
These types of charges generally involve some sort of theft, as is the case with shoplifting or larceny charges.

Crimes against Public Safety or Public Order:
Examples of these include disorderly conduct, noise violations, open alcohol container violations, prostitution, and “minor in possession” of alcohol.