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Unfortunately, sometimes things in life change and a Criminal Defense Attorney can assist on the legal end of the situation while you are focusing on you. Let someone with vital experience dealing with the law and whom has local recognition and able to provide effective professional representation. Hire a criminal defense lawyer to handle your criminal case. Do not hire the attorney who happens to be your uncle’s friend simply because it is a referral from a relative. I have found that many people simply assume that a referral from someone they know is their best option, when this isn’t necessarily the case. Use the level of care in choosing wisely, that you would choose in selecting a physician.

Do not hire a criminal defense lawyer simply because he or she is the least expensive. If your monetary resources are limited, you are probably better off with a court-appointed lawyer, than the cheapest lawyer available.

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    “HI, I’m a full time hardworking mother of 2 children & will be the first to admit i made a mistake by getting a dui 2 yrs ago, I came into Daniel Cleaveland’s office to discuss my situation he was Very sympathetic & Very compassionate towards my income budget, he worked out a great affordable payment plan w, me & my family as well as worked out a great deal w, the DA regarding my dui, i had to pay for my mistakes but it was “my mistake”& there was no jail time & I got to keep my job & family, thank God I did not hurt anyone or myself when I received my dui & Daniel gave me the best advise ever w, passion & said never do this again, he saw & felt how much anxiety I had every time we we’re in court. Daniel is A AWESOME Professional attorney! Thank you Mr. Cleaveland for all you did for me! C.M”

    “Daniel provided extraordinary insight and invaluable advice on my criminal charge case. Being prompt, courteous and fair, I was pleased with the results and would refer and recommend Daniel law services.”

    “The qualities I appreciate most about Daniel are his thoroughness, creativity and speed. He catches things that other good lawyers miss, he proposes creative, workable solutions, and his turnaround time consistently blows me away. For the first time, I feel good about paying my lawyer!”

    “Just a short time ago I had put myself in a position that required the expertise of an attorney. I was very lucky in the fact that I was able to find Mr. Cleveland to represent me. From the very first time I met with him, he and his staff could not have treated me any better. He was always available if I had any questions, and if he wasn’t I could always expect a return call within a very short time. That alone showed me that he was a man of his word, and a good friend that I could count on. He was very honest and straight forward with any advice he had for me. I can only say that he is a good man to have in your corner, and one that I would highly recommend if you are ever in need of a good attorney.”

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